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02 May 2009 @ 08:26 pm
The most enchantingly beautiful girl is sitting on a temporary fence on the sidewalk in downtown Madison. The wayward light brown hair around her face is strung with the bright blonde rivers of a winter away in South America or Australia or Madagascar. The sunshine bleeds through her white teeth and the honey in her smoothly tanned skin, dark amber around her toes and in the creases of her neck. Her shorts and her shirt are the green gray that I inexplicably associate with camping.

She has a foot tall pinata on her hand and smiles softly when she jiggles its bright colors at passers by.

Some of them are drunk and, bewildered, they crinkle their dull foreheads. Some wave. Some are uncaring and desensitized by the overstimulating world. She watches their ankles and the sway of their hips as they walk past.

Two dreadlock girls amble past with their dog, smile, wave, and talk to each other about her looks.
Frat boys antagonize her over it and try to apprehend the pinata for themselves.
A man on a bike stops to talk. He's tall and thin, with powerful, wiry limbs, and an easy smile. They know each other, so he sits with her while she continues to jiggle the pinata.

The cops don't wave.

Music: feist